2016 Hamilton Music Awards are almost here! 

The 2016 HMA's - Hamilton Music Awards - are just around the corner!
Last year we had 2 nominations for our Self Titled E.P. and while we're not up for any nominations this year
Andrew is Nominated for Guitarist of the Year and Producer of the Year - for his work with Duane Rutter and his Fantastic third Album "Crazy Things".
Let's all wish Andrew luck this weekend.
You can visit Duane Rutter Here and The Hamilton Music Awards Here

We're starting on recording some new material this summer for a release later this year!
Watch out for the 2017 HMA's!

Barber Shop Podcast 

This past Wednesday night the band headed over to Kevin Barber's BOXO STUDIO for his Barber Shop Podcast.  Check it out!

Gear Head 

Check out Andrew Aldridge talking about the Roland Boss Pedal.

Andrew has his own page on "Tone Central"  called the Andrew Aldridge Collection.  
Find out how he get's different tones by clicking on BOSS TONE CENTRAL.